Precision Machining

Precision Machine Technology introduces students to using machine tools such as lathes, mills, and Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) machines to shape materials into precision parts. They use their knowledge of materials and their skills with the tools to manufacture products that meet precise specifications. Precision Machinists and Tool and Die Makers should have excellent patience and coordination. A strong math background is recommended. 

Students will learn to: 
  • Invent, design, and manufacture the tools and components for a wide-range of production needs
  • Use the same equipment and techniques as industry leaders
The Precision Machining program is part of Vantage RAMTEC
CNC Technician
CNC Operator
CNC Programmer
Tool and Die Maker

OSHA 10 Hour Safety Card
FANUC CNC Certification


While attending Vantage Career Center, Vantage students have the opportunity to participate in college credit plus courses. Contact Student Services for more information. 

Career Pathways

A Career Pathway is a collective look at education, training, wage, and outlook information for related occupations.  The Vantage Precision Machine Technology program can be part of the Career Pathways listed below. Whether a student is interested in going to college, getting a certificate, or working right after high school, career pathways can be customized for any ambition or plan.  

Contact Us

Please contact any of the individuals listed below to get more information about the program. 
Larry Ray
Ray, Larry
Precision Machining Technology
Office: 419-238-5411 x 2153
Ted Verhoff
Verhoff, Ted
Career Tech Supervisor
Office: 419-238-5411 x 2161
Tonya Temple
Temple, Tonya
Student Services Supervisor
Office: 419-238-5411 x 2160
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