Welding Fabrication Technology introduces students to the methods of permanently attaching metal to metal. In the welding process, heat is applied to metal pieces, melting and fusing them to form a permanent bond. Because of its strength, welding is used in auto manufacturing/repair, shipbuilding, commercial building construction, bridge-building, and the construction of water towers. Welders are required to wear safety shoes, helmets with protective lenses, and other protective gear.  

Students will learn to:
  • Use advanced welding techniques to design, engineer, build, and troubleshoot complex manufacturing solutions
  • Interpret blueprints and specifications using math and critical thinking
  • Develop the confidence, work ethic, and stamina necessary for a career in welding and fabrication.
Production Welder
Sheet Metal Worker
Welding Engineer
Pipe Welder

Eligible for multiple American Welding Society (AWS) certifications in various processes.

Skills USA

While attending Vantage Career Center, Vantage students have the opportunity to participate in college credit plus courses. Contact Student Services for more information. 

Career Pathways

A Career Pathway is a collective look at education, training, wage, and outlook information for related occupations.  The Vantage Welding program can be part of the Career Pathways listed below. Whether a student is interested in going to college, getting a certificate, or working right after high school, career pathways can be customized for any ambition or plan.  

Contact Us

Please contact any of the individuals listed below to get more information about the program. 
Gary Cearns
Gary Cearns
Welding Instructor
Office: 419-238-5411 x 2155
Ted Verhoff
Ted Verhoff
Career Tech Supervisor
Office: 419-238-5411 x 2161
Tonya Temple
Tonya Temple
Student Services Supervisor
Office: 419-238-5411 x 2160
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