Industrial Mechanics

Industrial Mechanics introduces students to a wide range of skills used by Industrial Technicians to keep sophisticated machinery running smoothly. They may maintain and/or repair machinery in factories. They must be able to detect minor problems and correct them before they become major problems. After diagnosing the issue, the equipment may need to be disassembled to repair or replace the part. With the increase in technology, technicians need electronic and computer skills.  

Students will learn to: 
  • Repair, troubleshoot, and maintain all types of industrial equipment
  • Fabricate materials for new and replaceable parts
  • Develop skills in residential wiring, industrial motor controls (PLC), hydraulics/pneumatics, refrigeration and robotic programing
 The Industrial Mechanics program is part of Vantage RAMTEC. 
Maintenance Tech
Welder - Fabricator
Machine Repair Tech
Electrician/Electrical Engineer

OSHA 10 Hour Safety Card

Skills USA 

While attending Vantage Career Center, Vantage students have the opportunity to participate in college credit plus courses. Contact Student Services for more information. 

Career Pathways

A Career Pathway is a collective look at education, training, wage, and outlook information for related occupations.  The Vantage Industrial Mechanics program can be part of the Career Pathways listed below. Whether a student is interested in going to college, getting a certificate, or working right after high school, career pathways can be customized for any ambition or plan.  

Contact Us

Please contact any of the individuals listed below to get more information about the program. 
Kevin Van Oss
Kevin Van Oss
Industrial Mechanics
Office: 419-238-5411 x 2536
Ted Verhoff
Ted Verhoff
Career Tech Supervisor
Office: 419-238-5411 x 2161
Tonya Temple
Tonya Temple
Student Services Supervisor
Office: 419-238-5411 x 2160
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