Our training will expose learners to shop safety, common welding and cutting processes, blueprint reading, welding symbols, and thermal cutting practices.  Training consists of three sessions:  Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced.  
Students who complete the training will receive a Certificate of Completion from Vantage Career Center.  Vantage is an Accredited Test Facility for the American Welding Society (AWS).  Employers nationally recognize AWS certifications and prove the individual process's fundamental welding skills and knowledge.  AWS tests are not part of the welding program and have a separate fee.  Possessing an AWS certification is not a requirement for employment in this field.  

  • Must be 18 years of age or older                                                                                                                                                       
Each session (Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced) consists of 42 total hours of training completed in approximately seven weeks.
Classes meet on Tuesday and Thursday from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm.

Beginning Welding -- May 14, 2024, and November 5, 2024
An introduction to welding using both oxyacetylene flame and electric arc. The course includes shop safety, a fusion of metals, identification of electrodes, and equipment setup. Practice running beads on flat, horizontal surfaces and joints formed. 
Beginning Class Dates:  Contact us for information.
Intermediate Welding -- July 16, 2024, and January 7, 2025
Develop skills with further training and practice with gas and arc on vertical and overhead welding. Increase skills with brazing and cutting. TIG and MIG may be included along with Heli arc welding in all positions.
Intermediate Class Dates:  Contact us for information
Advanced Welding --  September 10, 2024, and March 4, 2025
Participants will identify and concentrate on particular welding skills, identify certifications they wish to achieve, and direct efforts and practice toward enhancing and perfecting these skills in a safety-focused, instructor-led lab.
 Advanced Class Dates:  Contact us for information


Grants/Scholarships - Check the financial aid webpage for any grants or scholarships applicable to this program.

VA Educational Benefits - Veterans registering for all three sessions (Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced) can use their VA Educational Benefits.  Apply online at www.va.gov/education.  Contact the Financial Aid Office for assistance.

Ohio Means Jobs - Financial assistance may be available for those who qualify through your local Ohio Means Jobs (OMJ) agency.  Students must work directly with OMJ to apply.  Additional information

Employer Assistance - Some companies may pay for your training.  Contact your HR person to inquire.

To explore this career further visit O*NET Online.  The Occupational Information Network (O*NET) is developed under the sponsorship of the U.S. Department of Labor.

Welding Certifications
Vantage Career Center is an Accredited Test Facility for the American Welding Society
With this accreditation, we can test, and upon satisfactory completion, grant American Welding Society (AWS) certifications.  These certifications are nationally recognized by employers and prove the individual possesses fundamental welding skills and knowledge. AWS tests must be scheduled in advance.  Call Vantage to schedule an AWS certification test.  

Tests available include:
 GTAW-ST 3F & 4F T-Joints $365
 GTAW-AL 3F T-Joint & 4F Butt Joint $365 
 SMAW API -1104 Pipe Welding 2 G & 5G positions with restrictions$415 
 SMAW E7018 3G & 4G Heavy 1" plate test for ALL positions$435
 GMAW 2G Heavy 1" plate test for ALL positions $365
 GMAW-P 3G & 4G Heavy 1" plate test for ALL positions$365 
 GMAW-S Butt Joint on galvanized sheet metal$215
 FCAW 3G & 4G Heavy 1" plate test for ALL Positions $365

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Maria Diltz
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