Police Academy

Police Academy

Vantage's Police Academy provides student with training required by the Ohio Peace Officers Training Commission (OPOTC) to pursue a career in law enforcement.  Vantage Police Academy has been serving Van Wert and surrounding communities since 1994.  
Training is under the direction of a State of Ohio approved Academy Commander.  Successful completers will receive a certificate of completion and are eligible to take the State of Ohio Exam.  Passing the state exam entitles graduates to certification by the State of Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission (OPOTC).  
2021-2022 Academy Starts in August 2021.  Completes by the end of May 2022.

Deadline for submitting an application is July 23, 2021.

Costs for the 2021-2022 Police Academy:
Tuition: $4,300 
includes two academy shirts, ammunition for the range, and first OPOTC exam fee
Book: $80 Ohio Criminal Law & Motor Vehicle Handbook 2020 Edition
Additional out-of-pocket expenses: $1,159 -  Program Cost and Information Sheet shows detailed costs

Classtime Hours:  Monday thru ­Thursday from 6:00pm - 10:00pm plus weekend days as scheduled.            

Class size is limited to 20 students.
Financial Assistance is available for those who qualify from a variety of sources.  Check out all your options on the Financial Aid page of our website.
The majority of Police Academy graduates find entry level employment in the field of law enforcement with opportunities for advancement. According to the Department of Labor “Job opportunities in most local police departments will be excellent for qualified individuals and employment is expected to increase, especially for Sheriff's Deputies and Patrol Officers, in Ohio. Overall employment opportunities in local departments will be excellent for individuals who meet the psychological, personal and physical qualifications.” Also, according to the Department of Labor “Police and Sheriff's Patrol Officers had a median annual earnings of $55,400 in 2012”.
This certificate program provides student with training required by the Ohio Peace Officers Training Commission (OPOTC). Upon completion of the course, students are eligible to earn the Ohio Peace Officer Certificate which opens doors to a variety of law enforcement opportunities. Students must pass the Physical Fitness Standards test and the State Written examination to be eligible for certification in Ohio.
  • Valid Driver’s License
  • Good moral character as determined by a traffic and criminal background check
  • Must be 18 years of age or older
  • Possess a high school diploma or its recognized equivalent
  • Submit to and pass a drug screen
  • Pass a preliminary physical conditioning pre-test
  • Comply with all Vantage and OPOTC regulations and rules

To explore this career further visit:   http://www.onetonline.org/link/summary/33-3051.01       (O*NET Online is created for the U.S. Department of Labor) 
CIP Code:  43.0107  SOC Code:  33-3051.01    

course descriptions

This is a complete list of classes a student is required to complete for the Police Academy.

Faculty and Staff

Robert Black, Commander
Academy Rules and Regulations
Introduction to Basic Training
Introduction to Basic Policing
Criminal Justice System
Diversity & Procedural Justice
Domestic Violence
HazMat & WMD
Gang Awareness
Booking & Handling
Interview & Interrogation
Robert Black
Physical Fitness Conditioning
Matthew McDougal
Ethics & Professionalism
Fundamentals of Report Writing
Interacting with the Media
Introduction to Traffic
Motor Vehicle Offenses
NHTSA Speed Measuring Device
Drug Awareness
Patrol Aspects & Overview
Building Searches ( Practical )
Stops and Approaches
Driving Practical
Kevin Taylor
Ohio Revised Code
Crimes Against Persons
Liquor Control
Offenses Against Public Peace
Testifying in Court
Arrest, Search & Seizure
The Missing & Human Trafficking
Dillon Staas
Prostitution & Obscenity
Crimes Against Property
Arrest, Search & Seizure
Offenses Public Administration
Civil Liability & Use of Force
Ronald Joseph
Crisis Intervention
NHTSA Speed Measuring Device
Vehicle Theft & Identification
Electronic Evidence
Critical Incident Stress Management
Wayne Swigert
First Aid CPR/AED
Mark Figert
First Aid CPR/AED
Patrol Aspects & Overview (practical)
Stops & Approaches
Douglas Beougher
First Aid CPR/AED
Keith Williamson
Police Photography
Tracing Stolen Property
Crime Scene

Andrew Fishback
Critical Injury First Aid

Matthew Schrolucke
Critical Injury First Aid

Virginia Hammons
Child Abuse & Neglect
Juvenile Justice System
Kip Wright
Victim's Needs & Rights
Crime Scene
Robert C. Miller
Uniform Traffic Ticket
Traffic Direction & Control
Traffic Crash Investigation
Civil Disorders
Bombs & Explosives
Driving (practical)
Michael Dirr
Traffic Crash Investigation
Chad Cupples
NHTSA Speed Measuring
Shawn Cook
Steve Boroff
Firearms Range
Robert Garcia
Subject Control
Impact Weapons
Building Searches
Edward Klausing
Subject Control
Impact Weapons
OC Pepper Training
Adam Wehage
Firearms Range
Glenn Schenk
Terrorism Awareness
Incident Command System
National Incident Management
Russell Bailey
Companion Animal Encounters
Ricky Spoor
Mark Ernst
Driving (practical)
Chris Hile
Driving (practical)

Need more information?

Robert Black
Police Academy Commander
Office: 419-238-5411 x 2187
Maria Diltz
Maria Diltz
Enrollment Coordinator / Customized Training Heathcare Coordinator
Office: 419-238-5411 x 2118
Jaclyn Gunsett
Jaclyn Gunsett
Financial Aid Coordinator / VA Certifying Official / Accreditation Liaison Officer
Office: 419-238-5411 x 2110
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