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This page contains all kinds of information that you may be wondering about. (In fact, your parents will probably really want to see this page). And if you still have questions, contact us. 

1. Cost of attending Vantage Career Center is $100 per year. This fee will include all lab and academic costs. Uniforms for your program will also be provided (The number of uniforms included depends on lab. This information will be covered at orientation.) Additional uniforms may be purchased at an additional cost to you. 

2. Each program does have a uniform. Measurement for uniforms can be done in June or at orientation in August. At those times, you will also be able to purchase additional uniforms if you choose to do so. 

3. Students from all programs will receive additional information about orientation and other events as the summer progresses. 

4. Acceptance to Vantage Career Center is based on the ability of the student to reach the graduation requirements of their high school while attending Vantage Career Center. 

      a. The state of Ohio requires a minimum of the following academic credits: 4 English, 4 Math, 3 Science, 3 Social Studies, ½ Health, ½ Physical Education. That totals a minimum of 15 academic credits. Vantage is now partnered with Northwest State Community College in Archbold and with Rhodes State College Lima for college credit while in high school through College Credit Plus. Link to more information about Northwest State and their CC+ program.  

      b. Students have the ability to earn 4 academic and 3 career technical credits each year while attending Vantage Career Center. (Therefore, as an example, if a student is planning on attending Vantage Career Center for 2 years, they must have earned at least 7 of the 15 credits mentioned above in order to be accepted).  Link to more information on graduation options in Ohio for the class of 2018 and beyond.

5. How your schedules are determined: 

We work with your guidance counselor to get you in the right classes.  Normally you will have 4 academic classes: English, Math, Science, Social Studies and then your Lab Program.  Schedules will be picked up at new student orientation in August.


Q: Can I go to college after Vantage?
A: About 40% of our graduates continue their education immediately after high school graduation at a two or four year college. Students are urged to check with their guidance counselor to be sure that all requirements are met.

Q: How hard is it to adjust to new teachers/class size/homework?
A: Coming to Vantage is a new experience. You'll find that the teachers at Vantage treat you like young, responsible adults. The lines of communication are always open between teachers, administrators and students.

Q: Can I participate in home school sports and activities?
A: YES! Students are encouraged to stay involved in extracurricular activities at their home school, such as sports, drama, etc. Vantage has very active student organizations - BPA (Business Professionals of America), FFA, Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA), and SkillsUSA, along with the Vantage Interact Club and Student Ambassadors.

Q: Does Vantage have a dress code?
A: Employment of students and graduates in positions related to their career technical training area is the primary goal of Vantage Career Center. Clothing and grooming appropriate to each career technical program is required. Students will receive requirements for their specific program during orientation. Students will be required to wear appropriate workplace attire which includes uniforms.

Q: What is the attendance policy?
A: A student who is not in school will be marked excused or unexcused. The following list of circumstances are accepted by the Vantage Board of Education as reasons for school absence and will result in an excused absence:
Personal illness, illness in the immediate family;
An emergency in the home;
Death of a relative;
Family related vacations/activities;
Military recruitment activities, college visitations, job interviews.
Vantage may have a calendar that is different than your home school. You are expected to follow the Vantage calendar. The Vantage school day runs from 8:20 a.m. to 2:40 p.m. 

Q: What about bad weather days?
A: Vantage usually operates on a normal schedule if most participating school districts are operating. Only if a storm forces closing of most of the home schools or if roads to Vantage are impassable will classes be postponed. If Vantage is in operation and the home school is not in session due to bad weather conditions, you may attend Vantage by providing your own transportation.

Q: How will Vantage give me an advantage over attending my home school?
A: Coming to Vantage opens the door to many opportunities. Since business and industry people are very involved through advisory committees, when they need part-time or full-time employees, they look to Vantage first. Seniors who maintain a 3.0 GPA are eligible for "early placement" employment. At the beginning of the second semester, those students may work during their lab period and attend school for their academics. The goal of Vantage Career Center is to provide all students with a skill which will make them more marketable after graduation.

For additional information contact Tonya Temple, Student Services Supervisor at [email protected] or call 419-238-5411 ext. 2160.

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Tonya Temple
Tonya Temple
Student Services Supervisor
Office: 419-238-5411 x 2160
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Jim Fisher
School Counselor
Office: 419-238-5411 x 2152
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Mickey McConahay
School Counselor
Office: 419-238-5411 x 2122
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Lisa Yearling
Student Services Secretary
Office: 419-238-5411 x 2126
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