Article: Christmas Giving Takes Center Stage at Vantage Career Center

Christmas Giving Takes Center Stage at Vantage Career Center

At Vantage Career Center, the spirit of giving takes center stage every year as the Interact Club embarks on a mission to spread joy and happiness through their Toss-A-Toy event. This year, the club not only surpassed their previous fundraising efforts, but set a new record by raising an astounding $8,000.00. This impressive accomplishment allowed the students to fill the stage with larger toys, making a significant impact on the local community.
The Interact Club at Vantage is known for its commitment to service, leadership, and community philanthropy, with funds going to organizations like, Enouf Cats (Paulding County), Challenged Champions (Putnam County), Marsh Foundation (Van Wert), Open Arms Rescue (Mercer County) and Deb’s Dogs (Allen County), and the Van Wert Humane Society through the Van Wert Chamber Leadership class. One of their noteworthy events, the Toss A Toy initiative, has been a beloved tradition within the school for years, and this year's record-breaking achievement of $8,000.00 not only reflects the hard work and dedication of the Interact Club, but also the continued generosity and support of Vantage community partners.    
For the third year in a row, the Interact Club received a generous $1,000.00 donation through the Operation Round Up Program, with Paulding Putnam Electric Cooperative Trust. Each year, this foundational grant provides the club with a great start in achieving their fundraising goals. Another continued partnership is with Van Wert Walmart, who have opened their doors to the club's annual shopping extravaganza, as well as contributed an added $300.00 to the club's mission. The club also received a kind-hearted donation from the Steve and Linda Unverferth Family. Lastly, the staff and students at Vantage had a large part in the support of this fundraiser by providing additional monetary donations and transportation of gifts.
The substantial funds raised by the Interact Club, along with the grant and donations, allowed them to take their Toss A Toy event to new heights. Armed with a budget that surpassed all expectations, the students were able to purchase a variety of larger toys, ranging from bicycles to playsets, filling the stage with an impressive display of joy-inducing gifts. The decision to invest in bigger toys not only enhanced the visual impact of the event but also ensured that the children receiving these gifts, ages newborn to 12 years, experienced an unforgettable holiday season. Thanks to the longstanding partnership with Lee Kinstle GM located in Van Wert, the purchased gifts were loaded into their box truck and distributed to local families who are unable to afford special gifts for their children during the Christmas season
The success of Toss A Toy extends beyond the monetary value raised. The event serves as a catalyst for community engagement, bringing together students, faculty, and local residents in a shared mission of spreading holiday cheer. The Interact Club's dedication to service not only brightens the lives of children during the festive season but also fosters a sense of unity and compassion within the Vantage Career Center community.

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