Article: Vantage Adult Drone Training Academy Now Enrolling!

Vantage Adult Drone Training Academy Now Enrolling!

Vantage Adult Drone Training Instructor and Student

     Vantage Career Center’s Drone Training Academy is now enrolling for FAA Part 107 classes, with the first class beginning June of 2023 and the second held at the end of July.
     The introductory aviation training program will allow adult students the opportunity to gain basic hands-on UAS flight experience, following the FAA Part 107 rules and regulations. Students will learn the airspace classification system, sectional chart reading, airport operations and radio communications, team management and physiological factors, weather reporting and weather in aviation, the physics of flight, maintenance, pre-flight and emergency procedures, manual and autonomous mission planning, and basic mapping and photometry.
     Upon completing the training program, students will take the FAA Part 107 Small UAS license exam, earning a FAA Remote Pilot License, which covers them for commercial operations of any small (under 55lb) unmanned aircraft system, and act as a springboard to licenses for operation of larger drones. “In addition to the license, the Ohio Department of Education recognizes the certification as half of the graduation requirement for our high school Criminal Justice, Construction Equipment Technology and Ag Diesel students.” Joyce continues, “I am confident that as time goes on, this will be expanded to other areas of concentration within our district.” 
     Vantage Science Instructor Dan Joyce, as well as Ag and Industrial Power Technology Instructor Mike Miller, are both FAA Part 107 drone pilots and will be teaching the course to adults and high school students who wish to pursue this license for their current and future careers. “Drone usage is a new and exciting career opportunity that is rapidly becoming an integral part of many technical and industrial careers,” says Joyce.
     The training program is in partnership with Pitsco Education and is set to run two classes this summer with the capacity of 6 students each class, at the cost of $1250.00. Interested student may enroll by going to then choosing one of the available workshop dates hosted by Vantage Career Center, or for additional questions, contact Mr. Joyce directly at 419.238.5411 x2181 or email [email protected]. All other information can be found at the Vantage website:

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