Article: NEW LPN-RN Transition Program starting September 8

NEW LPN-RN Transition Program starting September 8

Vantage Practical Nursing students assisting "Sally" a health simulator mannequin.

Vantage Career Center Adult Education is currently enrolling students in the new LPN-RN Transition Program, created through a grant provided by the Van Wert County Foundation. This part-time program is scheduled to begin in the fall of 2022. All graduates of the program will receive a diploma of completion and are eligible to take the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) for Registered Nurses to become a Registered Nurse (RN).

“We are excited to offer a program which will allow students to continue working full time, be involved in family activities, and obtain their RN by offering a consistent schedule throughout the program,” says Adult Education Director, Angie Fahy. “Students should see a quick return on investment once they complete and obtain a job working as an RN.”

Nursing diploma programs are the most established and traditional nursing education types. A common misconception is that the nursing diploma program is somehow subordinate to an associate degree, but students are adequately prepared to take the NCLEX licensure exam and ready to hit the ground running in a variety of patient care settings as a working and skillful RN.

A quick comparison of the diploma programs compared to degree programs may offer even further clarification about Career Tech Education: Those wishing to become registered nurses may choose to pursue a Diploma Program or a Degree Program. Both programs must be approved by the Ohio Board of Nursing to operate. Requirements for instructors for both programs are the same, and established under the Ohio Revised Code. Both programs must be offered through accredited schools to be eligible for financial aid and to be approved by the Board of Nursing. Both programs require passage of the NCLEX – RN examination for licensure as an RN. Diploma Programs often offer the completion of the licensure in a shorter timeframe because of the academics being embedded in the curriculum. Diploma programs are traditionally offered with a schedule that allows for a balance of work, school and family life. The schedule remains consistent throughout the program with the same group of students, which eliminates class cancellations and schedule changes. Traditionally, diploma programs are less expensive because many of the extra costs such as; technology costs, books, uniforms, etc. are included in the tuition.

The Vantage LPN-RN Transition Program provides a clear pathway for area LPN’s to obtain their RN. The program was specifically designed to create work-life-school balance. There are no prerequisite courses required. “The Vantage LPN-RN Transition Program provides a carefully designed pathway for LPN’s to receive credit for previous training and work experience, and expedites the pathway to becoming an RN,” says Program Coordinator Jean Sullivan.  

All LPN’s that meet Vantage admission requirements are eligible for a seat in the program. Classes will be held one evening per week and one clinical day a week. Experienced instructors will work closely with students to assist them to meet their goals. Students will complete 840 clock hours with expert instructors and preceptors over an 18 month period. Clinical experiences will take place at local hospitals, community health care agencies, schools, and rehab/long-term care facilities. Course and clinical work includes advanced medical-surgical nursing, maternity and pediatric nursing, psychiatric nursing, and professional nursing concepts. 

The program has been approved by the Ohio Board of Nursing and the Ohio Department of Higher Education.  Vantage Career Center is accredited by the Commission of the Council on Occupational Education.  Contact information for the Council as follows:  Council on Occupational Education, 7840 Roswell Road, Building 300, Suite 325, Atlanta, GA 30350, Telephone: 770-396-3898 / FAX: 770-396-3790,

Graduates of Vantage LPN-RN Transition program who pass the NCLEX-RN exam are eligible to work in the state of Ohio as a Registered Nurse (RN).  

Healthcare workers are essential to our society. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment for registered nurses is projected to grow 9% from 2020 to 2030, about as fast as the average for all occupations. The median annual wage for this profession was $75,330 in May 2020. Statistics taken from the U.S. Occupational Outlook Handbook.  

To enroll in the Vantage Adult Education LPN-RN Transition program, please call Maria Diltz, Enrollment Coordinator at 419.238.5411 x2118, and for more information, visit

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