Article: Vantage Holds New Student Orientation!

Vantage Holds New Student Orientation!

Culinary Arts Instructor Mrs. Burns informs new students of required uniforms.

Returning students who are unable to pick up their schedule on the above dates should call Vantage Student Services at 419-238-5411 or 1-800-686-3944 ext. 2126 to make arrangements to get your schedule before school starts. The first day of school for new students is Monday, August 19, starting at 8:23 a.m. The first day of school for returning students is Tuesday, August 20.  The school day runs until 2:40 p.m.   If you have any additional questions, please call Vantage Student Services at the number above for more information.
PARENTS/STUDENTS WHO MISSED ORIENTATION: All high school forms are completed online this year. Forms need to be completed early in the school year for students to participat in all labs and activities.  The process is streamlined, and returning students will have some of the information already filled in.  We recommend you not complete these forms on a phone or a tablet. A computer is needed to fill out the forms.  
Parents of new students should have received a letter in the mail with instructions and an invite code.  The parents of returning students can access Oneview, login in with your credential from last year, and complete the forms. Your student should be with you when you complete the form as they are asked to sign and agree to a few items.  The first step for parents of new students is to create an account in Oneview.  You choose all the information (username, password, security questions, PIN, etc).  Once that is done, you can attach your student to your account.  Only one parent can be attached to an student unless Vantage personnel override this manually.  Please contact Student Services if you need this done.  

If your letter missed you, the sign up process can happen with some other information such as the Vantage Student ID.   Download instructions for using Oneview. You can get your invite code (new student parents) or verify your login in (returning student parents) by calling Student Services at 1-800-686-3944 ext 2126 or 2032.  Our preference is to have all forms completed online.  However, Student Services will have a paper version of the forms available if needed. 

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