More Than A Student

Vantage high school and adult students have the opportunity to build skills in innovative and advanced technical labs, on and offsite, often through business partnerships and community collaboration. Vantage students gain advanced technical skills, earn industry recognized credintials, college credit, and are career and college bound! 

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Fast Facts


The Vantage student run community garden has harvested 1263 pounds of fresh produces donated to local food pantries! 


Vantage issued a Class A CDL to 16 high school seniors during the 2018-19 school year. One of the few schools in Ohio doing this. 


High School & Adult students earned 1,044 industry recognized credentials in 2019! That's 237 more credentials earned than in 2018.


Scholarship dollars for post-secondary education earned by the graduating class of 2018-19.


83 students in the 7th and 8th grades participated in the Vantage Career Exploration Summer Camp in 2019! 
Mission Vantage provides authentic, student-focused, career technical training that prepares high school students and adults for employment and further education.
Vision By dedicating ourselves to continuous improvement, Vantage Career Center will be a leader in career technical education. Students will be motivated to pursue a quality education that prepares them for the workforce and continued education.