Article: Vantage Firefighter Training Program Receives $12,000 Grant!

Vantage Firefighter Training Program Receives $12,000 Grant!

The Vantage Firefighter Training program has been awarded a $12,000 training grant from the Department of Commerce, Division of State Fire Marshal.
     The Vantage Adult Education Firefighter program launched February, 2019 after working with many local fire departments to identify the training as a need to the surrounding communities. The program has been training community members and students in courses for Volunteer Fire, Firefighter 1, and Firefighter 1 Transition.
     Prior to receiving the grant, fire departments would have to pay for an employee to take the training course, then apply to the state for the reimbursement grant. With Vantage receiving the grant, the fire departments will be eliminated from the transaction and Vantage will be reimbursed directly from the State. “This grant allows fire departments to add personnel without tying up their budget money for sometimes an entire year,” says Firefighter Training Program Coordinator Brian Ankney.
     Firefighters continue to be in high demand, especially in rural/volunteer areas. Vantage training courses will prepare individuals for serving their local communities as well as give them a solid foundation to further their training as career/paid firefighters. In addition, employment of firefighters is projected to grow 7 percent from 2016 to 2026, about as fast as the average for all occupations.
     The Vantage Adult Education Firefighter training program continues to offer quality training to firefighter personnel at all levels of education. Interested applicants should contact Maria Diltz, Enrollment Coordinator at 419.238.5411 x2118. 

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