Short-Term Certificate Program Grants

Short-Term Certificate Grant

Vantage Career Center has entered into an agreement with The Ohio Department of Higher Education (ODHE) to offer short-term certificate grants to qualified students.  The goal of this initiative is to provide funds to help Ohio workers gain the skills necessary to obtain employment in occupations that are in demand in the school’s region.  These grants are need-based financial aid for students enrolled in programs that complete in less than one year.  Eligible programs offer a certificate or industry-recognized credential in an in-demand profession.  

Eligibility Criteria
  • Be a resident of the state of Ohio.
  • Enrolled in one of these qualified programs at Vantage Career Center Adult Education:  Phlebotomy, Police Academy, EMT, STNA, CDL, Beginning Welding, Intermediate Welding, and Advanced Welding.     
To Apply: 
  1. Complete the Short-Term Certificate Grant application located under Forms & Links.  Contact the financial aid office if you need assistance.
  2. Monitor your emails.  The Financial Aid Coordinator will contact the applicant via email within 15 business days as to the status of the application or if additional information is required.          
Criteria for Selecting Recipients and Determining Awards     
The Financial Aid Coordinator will evaluate each application to determine eligibility.  Applicants may be required to provide proof of Ohio residency (driver’s license, utility bills, employment check stub, or other document providing proof of Ohio residency).    

The maximum award per student per short-term certificate program is $2,000.   Students may receive a maximum of three awards for different programs.  The first certificate program must be completed before the student is eligible for another award.  Other assistance like Pell and FSEOG federal grants, agency assistance from Ohio Means Jobs or Ohioans with Disabilities, and Scholarships will be applied to tuition and fees prior to short-term certificate grants.  The remaining tuition and fees can be paid by the short-term certificate grant up to the $2,000 maximum.  

Disbursement of Grant Funds
Grant funds are to be used for tuition and supplies.  Students may not receive excess funds as a refund.    Grant awards are to be credited directly to the student’s account.  The Financial Aid Coordinator will send the Treasurer a disbursement notice after the student has started their program and met all eligibility requirements.  The adult education secretary is responsible for crediting grant funds to the student’s account.  The student is not to receive these grant funds as a refund if a credit balance exists on the account due to a withdrawal.  In the case of a withdraw, unused short-term certificate grant funds will be returned and awarded to other eligible applicants.

Applications will be available until all funds are exhausted or the agreement is terminated by either ODHE or Vantage Career Center. Vantage Career Center maintains the right to end this grant opportunity at any time without notice.  

Contact the financial aid office at 419-238-5411, ext. 2110.

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Kendra Sentelik
Kendra Sentelik
Financial Aid Coordinator/ Accreditation Liaison Officer/ VA School Certifying Official
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