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Vantage Is Strong, A Leader In A Time Of Uncertainty and Challenges.

In an effort to support the community, Vantage has provided critical medical protective equipment to the Van Wert County EMA & will use our Vantage semis to pick up and deliver food items from Toledo, Ohio to the United Way of Van Wert County.  

Senior Health Technology students pose in the hall with personal protective equipment.
"Vantage is strong, a leader in a time of uncertainty and challenges. I have received so much positive feedback on how well you are doing to provide continuing educational experiences for our students. Other districts are looking to us as a model and for best practices as a result of the hard work, dedication, and commitment to our students that you continue to provide. Keep up the great work, I am so proud of all of you.

This evening, the EMA looked to us as a leader. We provided critical medical protective equipment for area healthcare workers from our health programs' lab supplies. Our educational supplies for training purposes have now been put into practice in a time of great need. Area healthcare workers will have PPE and other critical equipment needed to assess and treat patients. Vantage is strong, a leader in a time of uncertainty and challenges.

We were contacted by the United Way for help. As a result, next Tuesday we will be sending a semi and trailer from our CDL program to the Toledo area to pick up a load of food to bring back and distribute to needy people in the community. Vantage is strong, a leader in a time of uncertainty and challenges.

We will very likely be called on for more. We will respond and deliver.
Your students need you and you will continue to deliver as you have been. Stay strong, keep your heads up. You are amazing. We are making history, changing people's lives for the better. That's what really counts. You are making the difference and I thank you.

Please stay healthy and take care of yourselves and your families." Superintendent Rick Turner 

Posted Friday, March 20, 2020