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September Senior & Graduate Spotlight

Read about Senior Daniel Sinn from Wayne Trace High School and 2010 Graduate Avery Etzler from Lincolnview High School.

Each month a senior student and former graduate are chosen as a spotlight award winner. For September Senior Daniel Sinn from Wayne Trace High School and 2010 Graduate Avery Etzler from Lincolnview High School were chosen for this honor.

Daniel Sinn, a senior in the Ag & Industrial Power Tech program at Vantage Career Center, has accomplished much during his short time at Vantage:
-Student Ambassador, National Technical Honor Society nominee
-Honor Roll Student
-FFA Vice President
-President of Leaders of Tomorrow 4-H Club
-110% award in Ag
-Taking College courses @Vantage thru Northwest State Community College
-Plans on attending NWSCC after graduation, majoring in Crop & Soil Management.

As part of the spotlight award we sat down with Daniel for a quick question and answer session:

Who is your favorite teacher & why?
Throughout my junior year at Vantage, and the beginning of my senior year here, all of the teachers I have had, and some I haven't, have gone out of there way to help me. I like all of my teachers here, but I would have to say that I enjoyed being in Mr. Unverferth's class last year. He always made the class interesting, while still teaching us. He also always went out of his way to say hi, like all the staff does at Vantage.

What were your expectations of Vantage before coming as a Junior?
I had always heard things at my home school that gave Vantage a bad reputation. People said that students never learned anything and that drugs ran rampant. When my brother came to Vantage as a junior, he shed a whole new light on Vantage. He said it had been transformed, and that the staff and school were much better than they had been. So, my expectations rose a bit, and going into my junior year at Vantage, I had good expectations and expected to learn a lot in academics and in my lab.

Has Vantage met your expectations?
Vantage has met all of my expectations. I have learned a lot from my lab, more than I ever thought I would, and I have had fun in the process. It has improved since the stories I had heard when I was younger, and I can tell people that it is a great school that has much to offer. My academic classes have been fun. Vantage also improved something I didn't expect, leadership. Vantage has gone above and beyond my expectations.

What are your plans after high school?
After high school, I plan to go to Northwest State and get my associate degree in Technical Studies in Crop and Soil Management. I then plan to use that information to help me work back on the family farm, helping it grow and taking over management of the farm eventually.

Graduate, Avery Etzler from Lincolnview High School has been busy working towards her career goals since completing the Early Childhood Education program at Vantage in 2010. 

She has since completed her B.S. from Wright State University in Early Childhood Education and is now the Administrative Director at Kreative Learning Center in Delphos, Ohio. 

Posted Wednesday, September 7, 2016