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Vantage Preschool
Vantage offers a half-day (8:30 am - 10:50 am) or full-day
(8:30 am 
- 2:20 pm) preschool, as well as 2 day-a-week options.  The Vantage preschool is unique. Our facility features large indoor and outdoor spaces with state of the art technology, and, because we are a learning lab for our high school Early Childhood Education students, we have very low student to staff ratios--usually 1:1. 
Scroll down to see pictures of our facilities and get more information about the Preschool.  Please contact us if you have questions or wish to enroll your child.  If you would like to complete the preschool application, please click on the link on the right and print.  Completed applications may be mailed to: Vantage Preschool, 818 N. Franklin St., Van Wert, OH  45891
Our purpose and philosophy

The Vantage Preschool is a laboratory school which serves two (2) purposes.
A. The primary purpose of the Preschool is to serve as a training station for child care assistants. The child care assistants will develop skills in working with the preschool child and an understanding of the social, emotional, intellectual and physical development of the child.
B. The secondary purpose of the school is to provide a valuable experience for the preschool child. The child will be exposed to activities and experiences that will expand the social, emotional, intellectual and physical development of the child. The Vantage Preschool is not to replace the home experience of the child, it is to supplement them.

The preschool program shall include developmentally appropriate balance of quiet and active play throughout each day which shall meet social, emotional, physical and intellectual needs of each child. This shall be reflected in the written program and upon actual observation of the program. Developmentally appropriate materials and equipment will be selected and used throughout the program.

The Early Childhood Education is based on an open classroom approach with space organized into learning centers. There is a regular daily schedule with a variety of activities planned and available at different times during each session. Within this framework, children select their own tasks to pursue, either individually or in small groups during the Socio-Dramatic free play time. The expectation is that each child will be actively and productively engaged in a variety of experiences which will further his/her development socially, intellectually, emotionally, and physically.

Children are viewed as active organizers of experience rather than passive recipients of instruction. Their primary source of learning is their interaction with the physical and social environment. Children are also given opportunities to direct their own learning through a variety of active and quiet activities. Process oriented, rather than product oriented experiences are encouraged. When the focus is on process, the teacher provides props and materials and acts in a supportive role, but it is the child who explores and directs the play. Open-ended (process) activities provide success for each child at any developmental level. Successful experiences promote self-confidence and reinforce children to continue to actively explore, act on, and interact with their environment. Teachers evaluate the level of each child's play and structure the environment to promote even higher levels in order to meet individual needs within the context of a group program. More complex learning situations are provided when appropriate, as well as structure and encouragement in areas where children are delayed. This flexibility in programming encourages the enrollment of children with special needs stemming from handicapping conditions, unusual family circumstances, and/or developmental delays.

In the Vantage Preschool, the teacher's role is to provide developmentally appropriate activities to meet the children's needs and capitalize on their interests. Teachers provide a learning environment that challenges without being frustrating, and act as facilitators for learning by observing, questioning, modeling, and reinforcing children, and providing information the children would not be able to discover for themselves. Teachers set developmentally appropriate limits on behaviors and enforce them through the consistent use of consequences, and by encouraging children to use problem-solving skills to resolve conflicts.
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Contact us
The preschool is staffed Monday - Thursday from
8:20 a.m. - 2:25 p.m.  To reach us during those hours, please call 419-238-5411 ext. 2408.  
Or, you may email any of the Vantage staff below with questions.   
Marcia Osenga
Marcia Osenga
Early Childhood Education
Office: 419-238-5411 x 2526
Rhonda  Davis
Rhonda Davis
Preschool Head Teacher
Office: 419-238-5411 x 2521
Paula VanTilburg
Paula VanTilburg
Career Tech Supervisor
Office: 419-238-5411 x 2146
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